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SKU Ruberta
R34 500.00
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Product Details

Product Details

Ruberta Desk black


2000mm L x 1000mm W x 750mm H

Material: Mild steel & PU and glass

Assembly: None needed

Appearance: Minimalist and sophisticated

Please note extra's are not included on this price, desk only.

Delivery time: Item to be shipped in 4 weeks due to the polyacrythane tops that need to be cured.
This unit can only be made on order as the tops have to be freshly made.

Duco & Polyacrythane Tops

Care of supawood/MDF furniture, doors or cabinets and tops.
Supawood/MDF sprayed surfaces although seamless and reasonably durable are not impervious to stains and damage from moisture, heat and UV and is not impact resistant.

Use coasters, place-mats, and trivets to protect the surface and dry moisture immediately. Should moisture or liquids be left on a supawood surface it may result in staining and swelling of the material
Don’t drag sharp or rough surfaces across furniture, use place-mats, coasters and trivets to prevent scratching
Direct contact with pens, rubber, candle wax, wine, food or any perfumed product will leave a stain on the surface
Air, artificial light and UV may over time change the tone of color. Rotate items on surfaces for uniform ageing
Use a soft damp cloth to clean and wipe dry these tops or items.
For spot cleaning use a solution of water and a mild detergent and wipe it dry.
Please note, it is not Iltoro's responsibility to maintain your furniture, the client needs to look after their own items.
Any damages you make to your items you will have to pay the replacement fees for.

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    Delivery is dependable on your area and the couriers schedule however it can be tracked.

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*Returns: Must be sent back within 14 days of informing the Iltoro Design.
The cooling off period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods.
The buyer is liable for the sending/delivery cost of the returned item.
Once an item is returned, an evaluation will be done by Iltoro Design.
If the product is damaged by the client the refund is not valid. If the product is used and not re-sellable the refund is not valid, the item needs to be returned in perfect condition. If there are any damages of a result of faulty manufacturing or courier damage, the buyer needs to inform Iltoro Design as soon as they open the package.

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