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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Shelving made simple, with a minimalist approach.

Timeless steel shelving unit.

We designed these units to have a sleek and minimalist approach.

We have found that to many shelving units look like school lockers and make no practical space sense, people end up using it for clutter instead of the intended purpose.

Our focus is to create a shelving unit that does not hurt the eye but serve it's intended purpose.

Detailing features include a lockable door, all 4 door's open individually.

Our design idea came from our Maria Fernanda pedestal that has a mesh side profile detail.

The inside of this unit has a soft timber feel, varnished and sanded down. Our shelves are light and create a warmer feel for the steel unit. We have allowed our client to have space for files and storage to un clutter their desk areas.

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