Office Woodstock

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

What an incredible project to be a part of! We had the most amazing client to work with, such a great vibe and energy with this advertising agency.

We designed dividers with the intend to use them as storage and plant stands.

These stands are made of mild steel where some of them have lockable doors on.

The plants sit into boxes so that you can remove and clean them if need be.

We added office plants that we have tried and tested to give the space a positive energy.

Our lights added are from Hoi ploy in Woodstock Cape Town.

We have reclaimed Oregon pine tops that are sanded down and varnished with a matt clear finish.

The desks are powder coated sandpaper black and we have lockable Maria Fernanda side units.

Our entrance dividers are extremely large, the office has different departments and we wanted to give them some privacy by not holding back with our height.

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