Viola toilet roll holder-Black-133 (2)
Viola toilet roll holder-White-134 (1)
Viola toilet roll holder-Black-133 (1)
Viola toilet roll holder black
Viola toilet roll holder-White-134 (2) 1

Viola range

Toilet roll holder

Material : Stainless steel                                                    
Color: Black & White                                                         
Size: 150 mm W x 130 mm L (Depth) x  130 mm H

Provided screws.

This design is cheeky and unapologetic about taking your phone to the loo. Lets face it, we all take our phones to the loo, we simply cannot be without it! This is a simple and pure design to combine a toilet roll and phone. This holder also hides the visibility of a toilet roll. 
But our main reason for this design is to have a place to put your phone while you are in a bathroom.

The holder is fixed into the wall with galvanized screws, which will be supplied. It must be noted, when standing in front of the holder, the solid vertical piece is on the left hand side. Please do ensure whether this will work for your wc (washing-closet) layout.
Available for purchase in South Africa / Europe / UK